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  • Always be respectful when contacting me or requesting in any fashion. I am always respectful and uphold the same standards for myself and appreciate reciprocation. I do not reply to vague, vulgar, or incomplete requests. On occasion I will reply to a last minute request, but it is better to plan ahead with me.

  • If we are meeting please first place your consideration, FANNED out, within my visibility. If I am coming to you this should be placed in the restroom. It doesn't have to be mentioned or anything, just for my comfort :-)                                                                                                         

  • While I do not set a timer or constantly watch the clock, please be respectful of my time.

  • Please be considerate and make sure you are clean, well-groomed, smell nice and have mint-fresh breath. (please, please, please pop in a mint or chew some gum for just a few minutes. I usually won't say anything in person, but it will be noticeable and offensive to my nose ;-)

  • My daily life schedule amongst other things is all planned around these special engagements so I must inform you that all cancelations within less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee before you will be allowed to schedule another visit. Please let me know in advance if there is any chance that our planned time may be impeded! ​In most situations cancellation fees collected are applied to a later visit, scheduled within one month, just ask :-)