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Get To Know Me

Standing at a statuesque 5'8" with radiant green eyes, I am the perfect all-natural, upscale model. The lady every man wants to see and be seen with! A comforting, sweet and attentive lady with an elegant twist of class and taste. I love to laugh and converse and will deliver you all the wonders of the ideal friend, without the difficulties of forming a traditional friendship! If you have come here to seek out a fantasy, you have found the wrong lady, I offer a real experience. Each and every encounter is specific and unique with anyone I meet :-)

I am praised for and known to be unhurried during our time together as I truly enjoy entering your life! One of my greatest features is my genuine personality. I absolutely love meeting others and having a memorable time. Fortunately for me, "work" never begins in my life! ;-)  I love to have whirlwind short encounters or come to know you better on an extended date. I often encourage encounters longer than one hour, this is because I am the ultimate low-volume, luxury model! I only see one to two elite friends per day, thus I am highly selective and discreet. I am not gender specific and happen to find joy in all humanity on this earth so don't hesitate if you are a woman! I absolutely relish spending time with a gentleman OR a lady.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time with couples as well. The more the merrier!


I have been told I have one of the most surprisingly beautiful faces ever seen, when lacking face pictures on a profile. It really is a shame that I cannot share full face pictures! I must, however, do this to maintain discretion in my personal life. I can assure you this is not to cover any flaws in my looks. I am highly confident you will be even happier in person with my appearance! Many times over I have been commented upon for having the softest porcelain skin that you will ever find and I fancy adorning it with elegant and dazzling garments; all draped by my extensive black hair.  If you have a voyeuristic eye, it delights me to entertain with an exotic dance, as I was a dancer for many years at some of the best gentlemen clubs. 

Whatever you choose, an enchanting dinner date, refreshing drinks at the bar, or simply conversing privately together….all you need to do is ask and I will give you the freedom to unwind and relax in my presence . You will lose yourself once you see the limitless length of my legs and my emerald eyes!


I am Skye, pure limitless enjoyment ;-)